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The Most Common Storage Unit Sizes to Choose From

Almost all storage service companies (including posts storage service companies) offer storage units in varying sizes. Listed below are some of the most common storage space sizes that are made available to personal and business clients in Delray Beach:

  • 5 X 5

This is a relatively small storage space that is perfect if you are storing personal items. It’s about the size of a conventional walk-in closet. It can accommodate clothes, trinkets, small souvenirs, and smaller furniture. They are also perfect if you want to store documents and paperwork from work.

  • 5 X 10

If you are planning to store small furniture pieces, you will find that a 5 X 10 space is more than adequate. You can move a mattress, small chairs, sofas, and chest drawers in it with relative ease.

  • 10 X 10

A 10 X 10 storage unit is big enough to house the contents of an average one-bedroom apartment. This is for people who want to keep their seasonal decorations outside the home. You can fit small and large appliances inside a 10 X 10 and still have ample space to walk around during moving.

  • 10 X 15

if you are planning to sore bulky and heavy furniture, the 10 X 15 is perfect for your needs. It can accommodate items that will usually fit a 2-bedroom apartment or home. Apart from storing furniture and appliances, this may also be used by businesses to store excess inventory and storage of expensive machines and equipment.

  • 10 X 20

You can place storage racks inside 10 X 20 units due to their spacious qualities. You can easily space and organize boxed items in this spacious unit. For personal storage, the 10 X 20 can accommodate contents of a 3-bedroom apartment or home.