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Learning The Truth With DDI Utilities

It’s a sad day when you can’t trust your own children. My son would lie to my face about hanging out with his friend and doing bad things. The only way I found out what he was up to was by using DDI Utilities Spy on his phone. I used it to recover his text messages, emails, visited websites, and even the location of his phone while he was out. Things were much worse than I imagined when I went through the recovered data.

My son had gotten into vandalism and shoplifting with his friends, doing things like spray painting the sides of walls and sneaking food and small electronics from stores. I was amazed that they haven’t been caught and arrested, given how much they had been doing it. My son was also taking some drugs with his friends. I couldn’t help but wonder where I went wrong as a parent.

I had a confrontation with my son about his activities, and things didn’t go well. He had the nerve to get angry at me for spying on him, when he was the one doing all kinds of bad things and lying in my face. Dealing with him is an ongoing process that won’t end any time soon.