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A Concise Guide to Buying Vaporizers

The number of vape shop and cigarette shop selling portable vaporizers sharply increased in the past few years. Tobacco cigarettes seem to be at a fast decline as vapes are now obviously the next big thing. But with the wide array of vaporizer options, a new problem has unfortunately surfaced. People are now confused more than ever as to which vaporizer brand is the best on the market.

Sensible shoppers will do thorough research before they go to the nearest Fort Lauderdale vape shop. In this article we will provide you with fundamental information about vaporizers.

What you need to know

Majority of vape shops in Fort Lauderdale sell vaporizers that were designed for glycerine solutions. Glycerin only vaporizers are device that makes use of concentrates dissolved in base solutions. The most common are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. When heated, the solution turns into vapor. The component that heats the solution is called the atomizer. Atomizers that are integrated into the tanks or cartridges are called cartomizers.

Heating Methods

Before hitting a smoke shop for your very own vaporizer, you need to lean about the basic heating methods used by vaporizers. In essence, there are two different heating methods that these devices implement:

  • Conduction heating

The solution is vaporized by a piece of metal within the tank. The metal filament is then heated to successfully release the active ingredients turning into vapor.

  • Convection heating

The solution will be air heated by the vaporizer’s heating system, thus releasing its active ingredients.

When choosing a vaporizer for personal use, make sure to seek the assistance of specialists. Most cigar shop or vape shops in Fort Lauderdale are staffed with personnel with vast knowledge about the best vaporizers and e-liquids that are sold on the market.