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Just How Much Money Can You Make Playing Online Poker?

Just how much money can you make playing online poker?

I was ecstatic when I made my first ten dollars money back. A month later when I scored twenty dollars in one night is a fond memory, somehow sweeter than the afternoon I hit fifty bucks. From there I was aiming for a hundred, and then a thousand over the course of one week.

My winnings are certainly not consistent; it is partly a game of chance. However, there are statistics, probabilities, combinations, and skills that all go into play, so players who really learn the game do have a reasonable chance of making money on a somewhat regular basis.

Right now I am trying to make three thousand in one month, and I think I might be able to pull that off. My wife thinks I am crazy, but she is also kind of impressed too. She knows I am not about to quit my day job, but I am creating some money for a long overdue vacation.

I hear about players making so much more than me. Can I make tens or hundreds of thousands? I really do not know.