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Here are the Reasons why You’re Still Tight on Cash and How to Solve Them

You’re working hard but you are still short on cash. There are even days that you go overtime just to earn some extra money on the side, but this doesn’t seem to suffice and you’re still behind on your bills. You are not alone. Millions of people always find themselves in a tight bind. If you want to end this vicious and stressful cycle of financial difficulty, here are money mistakes that you need to avoid at all cost

  • Credit card as your primary tool for purchase

Living on credit cards may feel convenient, but it just digs your grave deeper than before. Don’t let your credit card bills consume your income during your 20s. Avoid the use of credit cards altogether. Make sure to use credit cards only if you have enough income to cover for interest and probable assessment of later charges. Unless you are confident that your income can meet your basic needs as well as repayment of credit card debt, better use them only during emergency cases.

  • Set your financial goals

If you failed to set your financial goals during your 20s, chances are you will fall into the same money problems in the future. Stop and assess what you want to achieve in the next 10 years. By setting a financial goal early on in life, you will be able to have time to relax a little bit in your 40s and beyond. Identifying your financial goals will enable you to set a budget, save, and invest.

  • Keeping up with a lavish lifestyle

You can always listen to what your parents tell you money wise, but you can never be like them. And if you are in your 20s, you still have that rebel inside you and would rather do the opposite of what your folks recommend you to do with your money. Follow what your parents tell you when it comes to money, but never mimic their lifestyle. They may have more money than you, and this is because they spent decades building it for themselves. You can’t have a luxury car like your father, but that’s fine. At some point in time, if you set your financial goals straight and work hard, you’ll achieve financial stability one day!

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